Data visualization example

As Lasso Data Partners, we provide business intelligence and operations consulting for small businesses so that our clients can make data-driven decisions to achieve their business goals. We analyze their data and provide actionable insights with the goal of making a positive impact on the success of the business.

Why choose Lasso? We offer a unique blend of accounting and operations experience with strong business intelligence skills. For over 25 years, we’ve worked beside business owners in a wide-range of industries to grow small companies. We understand the day-to-day challenges, the monthly and annual cycles, the worries associated with generating enough cash flow to cover payroll, the realities associated with collecting good data, and the IT environment limitations. We know the types of questions that investors and bankers can ask and will help you formulate your answers.

The concept of “Big Data” does not have to be overwhelming to small businesses. Big or small, your data is important. Data analytics does not require expensive software or a full-time expert. But to stay competitive and make fact-based decisions you need to be able to access the financial and performance information inside your business. Lasso is committed to providing value, insight, and truth. Even when the truth is that business intelligence will not solve all your problems. At a minimum, though, it’s the start to unlocking the secrets of your business.  The term Ordo Ab Chao or “Order Out of Chaos” comes to mind.

The work we do with each client is completely custom and depends on the nature of the business and the goals of the owners. We thrive on questions that apply broadly across most businesses as well as those that are unique to a particular business or industry. How is the weather going to affect my business? What can I expect to happen as a result of my new competitor? How can I handle a price increase from my main supplier? How much cash is forecast to be available at the end of the year? Why are my potential investors asking for that data? We can help you answer all of these and can help identify new questions you may have not thought about. We want to help you lasso your data and reach your goals. Please contact us today.